It is our pleasure to announce the commencement of Dashrath Prasad Singh Institute of Teachers’ Education. The college has been established with the view to impart quality professional education and enhance the employment opportunities among educated youths. Education plays a vital role in the life of each and every human being. It determines the excellence of wealth to preserve peace and maintain the progress of mankind. It decides the fate of nation because from these groups only there comes out the statesman, patriot, and educational scholars to determine the progress of education. In relation with this the DPS Trust for institute of Education, Training, Research and Community Development was established with the soul and pious aim of promoting the cause and real and meaningful education.

With the passage of time, education has also changed and everybody wants to give his/her child a good education. School is a temple of learning where students are imparted quality education with latest technologies because school is the right house of the society.

Vikash Ranjan