With great pride and heartiest delight, I welcome you to DPSITE. About a hundred Years ago, much importance was not attached to teachers’ training programme. But now this has become so important that no untrained person is appointed to teach in a school recognized by the government. keeping in the mind the need of professional education for rural students, The trust resolved to sponsor a teacher training college to cater to the need of Teachers’ Training, an imperative need of the large number of graduates of the region and to make them qualified to seek employments as well as to provide opportunity in securing post-graduate degree in education and research facilities with the passage of time.

This institute will try his level best to provide congenial environment to the healthy growth of character of the students in the light of the cultural, religious and linguistic heritage of the community. So that they may be able to discharge their national obligation with the imbued quality of heart, head and character, making secular India richer and more glorious. We hope that our teacher educators would put in more efforts in this new session.

Rajeev Kumar & Nutan Kumari