Greetings and a very warm welcome to DPSITE

My hearty welcome to you and I congratulate you for joining DPSITE, a splendid temple of learning at the heart of the city of Muzaffarpur. You have made a right choice of your life by deciding to join a technology course where future is full of opportunities. It is our responsibility of transforming a class XII student into a professional engineer within a period of four formative years.

We at DPSITE strive hard to provide congenial academic environment by combining education with overall personality development. Academic excellence is our first priority. We are focused on creating an environment of the total development of students through innovative approaches impacting their intellectual, attitudinal, emotional & social dimensions. More than 10000 students have passed from this college and have made their marks into all sectors that include reputed industries, government organizations and public sector to serve the country in various capacities in field of technology.

We aim at the research activities leading to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students and have planned for creation of World Class Research Centre at our Campus. Students trained here are being aimed as next generation of scholars. They are well-prepared with advanced knowledge to translate an idea into a product through transfer of technology and creating their own startups.

Over the last 11 years, India has seen an unprecedented boom in the startup ecosystem, more than 92000 startups have started since launch of start up India. Today we are at a place where it’s just as ‘cool’ to live and work in India, as opposed to the obsession with going ‘abroad’! Incredible ideas embedded in cutting edge and innovative technologies, along with new operators of scale are resulting in exponential growth all round. The staggering amount of investment opportunities available for young entrepreneurs to sustainably improve their chances of success. There are several young first-time founders sitting on millions of dollars in capital, under pressure to deploy fast, grow fast, fueled by unicorn ambitions, and follow-on funding rounds. We at DPSITE want keep the pace of industry and aim to create 50 new startups of our students in next two years through the guidance and mentorship by our dedicated faculty members.

Campus Director,
DPSITE, Muzaffarpur